A recognized industry leader, AgriEarth specializes in agricultural-environmental consulting services related to soils, soil-water management, land suitability, agricultural biosecurity, and nutrient management.

We provide professional consulting services in the following areas:

  • Environmental planning, assessment, permitting, and regulatory support
  • Soil classification and mapping, and soil resource information interpretation
  • Land suitability assessments and management recommendations for various land uses, including irrigation, drainage, and wastewater management systems
  • Soil salinity investigations – mapping, sampling, and interpretation
  • Environmental monitoring for soils, crops, and water
  • Sustainability, alternative land use, and soil carbon consulting
  • Land application assessment for nutrient, biosolids, sludge solids, and manure
  • Agricultural biosecurity management and monitoring
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) data management and mapping
  • Applied agricultural research and technical writing
  • Project management

AgriEarth collaborates with partner firms to provide comprehensive solutions to multi-disciplinary projects.